I’m Here!

We received our first email from Savannah letting us know that she arrived.   I have to admit that I was doing a couple things prior to her letter.   1) I downloaded an app called FlightView, and tracked her plane from San Francisco to Auckland.   2) An hour or so after the plane landed, I was checking my email about every 5 minutes.   Does every parent of a missionary do that, or am I just special 🙂

Her email to us said how she survived the plane trip outside of getting some wine spilled on her during the flight.   Once she landed, she said she got a little nervous, and couldn’t believe that she was there.   She said, “It’s beautiful here!”, and doesn’t think she will ever miss the snow for the next 18 months.

She wasn’t feeling too much jet lag when she landed, but I attribute that one to youth and excitement!

One of her last statements was that she had some exciting news, but couldn’t tell us yet.   The only hint she gave was that it was “crazy”.   I love her attitude though because she closed the letter by saying “I know I can do anything in the strength of the Lord”.


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