First Letter Home

We were so excited to get our first letter home from Savannah!

The letter came to us on Monday which was her Tuesday.   We had thought it would come on our Sunday, and we read on the Hamilton Mission Facebook page that many parents had not seen a letter from their missionary.

We heard that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake had hit near Christchurch on the South island around Sunday, and were wondering if that could be part of the delay in communication.   For the MTC, it didn’t sound like that was the issue since Savannah did not mention anything about the earthquake, and all reports suggested that very few felt it on the North island.

Here is Savannah’s letter home:

“Ok, so enough of the suspense I’ll start with the good stuff.   The very first day we get there, President Gibson (president of the MTC) interviews all of the missionaries because guess what there are only 29 missionaries in the whole MTC and there are only 7 sisters! Lets just say the odds are in our favor 😉 just kidding I need to stay focused (ha ha).  Well anyways, because of that he was interviewing us and when we first got to the MTC I was the only sister for a while! So I was the first one. So I go into the office and he talks to me, gets to know me and then he asks, Sister Vavla we would like to call you as the Sister Training leader over all the Sisters! And I was freaking out a little in my head! What! I just got here I dont know anything! I was so scared! But of course I said yes! and most of the time I look around and see some sisters that could do so much better then me but with the strength of the Lord I have been able to fufill my calling. So thats the exciting news! So my companions names are Sister Falani and Sister Meae! And they are amazing and so strong! They are both converts but I would have thought that they were converts their whole lives! I love them so much and the President said sometimes there can be problems when there are 3 companions but we have gotten along so well and we just love each other.

Intake 4  11 Feb 2916  Nephi District No 2

I honesty have been having a really good time in the MTC and because it is such a small group I’ve gotten to know almost every missionary here! And its been awesome! They are all so strong and are going to do great things! Oh and you know how you guys make fun of how many watches I have, well i was able to give one to my companion because she left hers at home, so there you go I have a lot of watches for a reason! (ha ha)

I love you all so much and I wish I could have been there to see Jared pass the sacrament! I bet he did an amazing job 🙂 I miss you, and yes dad I was in good hands with all those Elders but I think It was the other way around, they were in good hands because I was there (ha ha) they would have been lost without me (ha ha jk jk). I slept pretty well on the plane it was a really nice plane! But of course 13 hours is no fun! I love you guys!”

Love, Sister Vavla


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