Last Day at the MTC

Savannah sent home a few pictures about a week ago of her companions taking pictures in the MTC bathroom of all places 🙂

Here was her final email home before leaving the MTC:

Today is my last day at the MTC……crazy right! Its been so crazy here but I’ve learned so much and I feel like a completely different person then when I came here. It’s amazing the spirit you can feel here and the spirit you can convey when you are living righteously! Live worthy of the spirit, He will direct you and guide you and you will never need to fear! My head is so full but my heart is even more right now. I am so excited to go out there and serve.

I had a neat experience.  We have to go teach “investigators” here in the MTC and one of them had a family well we were teaching him and on out last day he was telling us how much the gospel had helped his family and how much more joy and peace was in his home and it was really amazing and I felt this joy I have never felt before.  In that moment I knew why I am out here on my mission. So others can feel the peace and the joy of the gospel again and have the chance to live with their families again.

I love you guys keep up everything you are doing and read your scriptures and say your prayers every day, every day, every day!

Love Sister Vavla


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