In the Mission Field!

Savannah has moved in to the mission field, and we are so excited for her to begin teaching the people of New Zealand!

Below is a map of the Hamilton New Zealand Mission, and the current area that she is serving in which is in Southern Auckland, specifically, the Papakura Zone.

Here is Savannah’s letter home to us:

I’m so sorry I haven’t written a lot!  We would only get 30 minutes in the MTC and let me tell you that’s not enough time! I miss my companions in the MTC they were amazing and so kind! But I am so glad to be out here in the field! Let me just say I love it so much! I love missionary work and I love the people out here!

So I am in Papakura which is like the Compton of New Zealand haha its pretty sketchy out here but that’s ok I honestly love it. It has made me so greatful for what I have and made me realize how much I took for granted.

So my Companion’s name is Sister Inia and she is a crack up, and she always has something to say its pretty funny! She is really nice and she has taught me so much!  She is amazing when it comes to loving the people! She has seriously shown me so much how to love these people and its really neat because I was praying all the time before my mission on how I could love these people in New Zealand and she has shown me how and so she has been an answer to my prayers!

The weather is humid and I love it!  It doesn’t rain as much up where I am, but today it was raining hard! The members are most definitely feeding us (hahah). We don’t even really buy food because we get so much from the members! The food is kind of different, but they have a lot of the same stuff and a few different things here and there. I cant think of very much right now because I haven’t been able to write in my journal at all this week.

I’m in a car and I’m ok with that except for apparently this is where all the missionaries get fat (hahah) but you know what I don’t even care its funny how when you are focused on the work that’s the last thing that matters, I know a lot of families are getting blessed by feeding us and that’s all that matters!

I got lucky no fleas…..yet. I promise I will send pictures next time! I totally forgot my camera!

I had a neat experience, I was able to teach someone to pray which was really cool and then she prayed afterwards it was really neat to see this. We have two investigators that are trying to stop smoking and so the church has a smoking program. We are doing the program with them and one thing they have to do everyday is pray in the morning and at night.  It was really neat being able to testify that prayer works and Heavenly Father can give us strength when we pray and I could tell that it really touched them, and one of them was the investigator we taught to pray.

It’s always amazing to see how much the members respect the missionaries.  They give us so much and the very best.  It is so humbling. I’ve felt the lords strength so much this week and I know this church is true. I am so grateful for every experience and challenge the lord has given me on my mission so far and I love getting updates I love you guys so much and you know what’s crazy I actually miss you guys a little 🙂   I’m so grateful for each and every one of you and I promise I will have a lot more I just need to get a few things squared up so that I have time to write in my journal 🙂 


Sister Vavla


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