Papakura 1st Ward

Had a great email from Savannah on Sunday.

Here are some of the things we learned based on some questions we asked her:

  • Her companion, Sister Inia, is from Australia
  • She bought a bike but is driving a car right now
  • She will be able to drive a car in about 6 weeks (good luck on the other side of the road & the other side of the car) – we will be saying prayers for her, and the people on the road ūüôā
  • She is living in an apartment
  • She does eat breakfast everyday: ¬†“Eggs every morning”
  • She is serving in the Papakura 1st Ward near Auckland

Here are a few pictures she sent over to us, and that we found on Facebook:

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And now for her latest email home. ¬† Pay close attention to the story about the dogs ūüôā

Some neat things that have happened this week! ¬†First there is this girl we are teaching, and she just came to New Zealand¬†not long ago. ¬†She is living with her family, her family¬†are members, and they wanted us to start teaching her. Well she doesn’t know much English. ¬†She can understand pretty well, but she can’t speak it very well, and we have a set of Samoan sisters that cover a Samoan branch, so she should be going there. However,¬†her family wants her to go to our ward so we taught her in Samoan! hahah and the miracle¬†was there was no false doctrine taught (hopefully hahah) and she understood it! ¬†It was really neat you could feel the spirit so strongly. ¬†At the end after we taught the Restoration, then we asked her if she could pray about The Book of Mormon to ask if it was true and¬†if what we taught was true. ¬†She did it and felt it was true! ¬†Also she came to church on Sunday so good stuff! ¬†We have a visit with her this Saturday and we are going to ask her if she wants to get baptized, she seems super keen so I think she will say yes.

Another really neat thing that happened was, we were looking for a former investigator and we went to their house, and Sister Inia remembered that they moved, but we decided¬†to go anyways. ¬†So we went to their neighbors house to see what had happened to the investigator and we started talking to the girl that answered the door, who was about 16. ¬†As we were talking her uncle and aunt came to the door and started to talk to us, well then they let us in and we sat down, they gave us ice cream and we all started talking. Then the 16 year olds mom came in and we were all talking and so then the uncle started to talk and he told us that his mom was a member of the church back in Samoa and his dad used to feed the missionaries all the time but wasn’t a member of the church! ¬†Then the sister (the mom of the 16 year old) said that she used to come to church with her mom all the time as a kid! So that was crazy! Well we had to leave and the brother asked us to come back, they were having a farewell for his Sister and her children because they were moving to Australia on Saturday (which was a bummer) and they were opening up their Sabbath which is on Saturday because they are 7th day Adventist.

So we go back on Friday and we found out some really cool things 1) the sister moving to Australia had a son, who was given up for adoption, that was serving a mission in Washington, 2) One of the daughters to the brother had a partner who is a member of the church, 3) we got to sing some hymns and say the closing prayer for there opening of the Sabbath day! It was really neat and they treated us so well! They fed us and yeah it was really neat! and then when we were leaving the Brother and wife told us to come back over when ever and that their house was our house! This is only the 2nd time we have met them! It was amazing and I think there is a lot of potential in this family! and to think if we had never gone up to the door. So some cool things!

Oh and one more story, I was backing Sister Inia out of a members driveway and we got to the end of the street and then all of a sudden I saw these dogs running down this alley way towards me! So I freaked out and ran to the car and jumped right on to sister Inia’s lap and shut the door because I didn’t want to get bitten hahah and the dogs wouldn’t leave so I climbed on top of the car to my side so I wouldn’t get bitten and we were cracking up because we drove by the dogs and they weren’t even that big and one of them was a puppy but man it was scary!! hahah ¬†Dogs have been forever ruined for me.

Love you!

Sister Vavla



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