Exchanges this Week

Here is Savannah’s latest email to us.  We talked to her about the snowy weather in Colorado, sending her new contacts, her acceptance to BYU Idaho, some scriptures related to her investigators, and what type of candy her companion would like.

Thank you so much for that thought that was exactly what I needed to hear! One of the investigators we have set for baptism hasn’t been keeping her commitments and what you told me was exactly what I needed to hear for her! Yes I did get my contacts, the peanut butter cup kind, and awwww you guys are the best! Sucka 16 degrees no thank you hahah its been sunny here and I think for the first time I’m tanner than all of you hahaha Man I thought my letter to BYU was so convincing hahaha 😉 That’s awesome I know that’s where the Lord needs me and it is probably all for the best since by the time I get back from my mission it will have been a while since I have been in school! Could you send me the cookie recipe? Thank you! You know its crazy, I’ve been out on my mission for a little over a month now! Holy Moly time flies! Its going way too fast!

This week was a really good week!  We had exchanges this week.  I was super nervous because I have only been in the area for a few weeks, and I was leaving out my area, but everything went well and we got 4 new investigators in 1 day.  I was with Sister Anderson she is the STL (Senior Training Leader) in our zone.  She is super nice!  So I had a good day with her. Also when we were on exchanges we rode around on the bikes and it was the best! It was so nice to get more than 30 minutes of exercise!

So that was good, and then we got some of our investigators to church on Sunday!  That was a miracle let me tell you.  It’s one of the investigators that is getting baptized and they have to come to church at least 3 times before they can get baptized.  We have had no luck, but finally this week we got her there with her sister and that was awesome.  They didn’t mind it so that’s good.   They said it’s a good start to the morning, haha church starts at 8 here so its really hard to get people to come. Something I’ve really learned this week is that.

Something really neat, there is a less active lady in our ward that we have been working with, and she has done some amazing things lately.  First of all, she has started to come back to church, and now she is getting her children to church.  Also she had a problem with drinking and she had a fast with us Sisters so she can resist the temptation to drink. Its been amazing to see her make all these changes and to see the blessing in her life because she is making all these steps in the right direction. Her husband, who isn’t a member, has started asking her questions when she studies her scriptures, and her kids are more interested in the gospel and so much more! Its been amazing to see all the good things that are happening in her life now that she is making the right choices.

Something that I keep working on is trying to see how the Lord blesses our companionship each day because there are a lot of frustrating things that happen with our investigators. Whether it is investigators not keeping commitments or us just going round and round in circles with them, the neat thing is there is always every day miracles that happen. Missionary work is so much better when you focus on the miracles instead of what went wrong. Sometimes with life if we are so focused on what isn’t going right we are going to miss what is and then we will be miserable.  However, if we can focus on the blessings we are given EACH and Every day we will be happy and find so much joy in this life. I love you guys and I hope you are all doing well!


Sister Vavla


One thought on “Exchanges this Week

  1. Hello Savannah, I think of you all the time and I’m happy that you are enjoying your mission so much. If this goes though I will write a reply when I see your letters. You are learning so much, college will seem simple when you get there later. We all love you a lot and look forward to reading about your experiences and seeing the pictures. Love, Ohio Grandma


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