Happy Easter!

Talofa Familia!

Happy Easter! Wow sounds like a typical Easter back at home hahah snow storm in March, I almost miss the snow almost haha but with this weather in the 70’s its hard to miss it hahah. You guys are awesome keep up the good work with your missionary work. Seriously we get taught how important the members are in missionary work and how we can’t do the work without the members, so I promise you are helping the Elders heaps!


Things are going ok with our investigators, the one girl we have set for baptism has an excuse every week why she can’t come to church and she has started to avoid us but when we finally did catch her and ask her if baptism was still something she wanted to do she was like oh ya it still is, but she isn’t putting any effort into progressing so its hard, and then the other girl she came to church last week but then didn’t come this week and we asked her what was stopping her from progressing and she said she is just lazy and she won’t keep any of her commitments because she is to lazy to do it. She told us that and that’s a big problem we have been having with our investigators here, a lot of people just won’t keep the commitments we give them and they have to do them or else they will never progress and they will not gain the faith they need in Jesus Christ.

So a lot of our investigators, we are just going round and round in circles with them.  It’s hard but its given me a chance to step back and look at what I am doing, what I need to do and what we need to do as a companionship to stop these people from going around and around in circles. But the Lord is good and we have two really good investigators, Pele and Fawn. Pele is 14 and she has just come recently from Samoa and so her English isn’t very good and we have had to teach in Samoan a little!  Things with her are good and oh man Fawn is keen as! She was a referral from the Elders and we asked her what she wants from the missionaries.  She said she wants to come to church because our church is the only church she likes, and she wants to know everything she can about it! She is golden as! Seriously she is the happiest person ever and she is just awesome! I am so excited to teach her and I know she will benefit so much from the gospel.

Man here in NZ they eat potatoes with almost everything! So many potatoes haha and there is always ketchup on the table, they eat it with everything here! Oh I also had pig and they just put two pigs on a long pole and hung it over a fire, it was so good! and I am pretty sure they had killed the pigs that day! I would send pictures but I am really terrible at taking pictures! I promise I will take more its just hard here because we are in the city so there isn’t much to look at just a bunch of houses but I promise I will get better at that!

Some neat things that happened this week:

~ We felt prompted to go to this one house that was a referral and when we went there this lady came out and said come in, so we went in and she said I have been expecting you.  Well turns out she is a less active member of the church and she had been praying all morning for the missionaries to come over because her hearing went wack and she couldn’t hear.  She needs someone to come over and make a phone call to the doctor so she can get her ears checked out.  Low and behold we show up! She was crying at the end and she ended up coming to church on Sunday!

~ You know how I was struggling a little with my comp at the beginning of my mission, well this week we were talking and she said Sister Vavla I am grateful for your obedience and how you didn’t stop being obedient even when I wasn’t being obedient, I only have 5 months on my mission and I wasn’t to make it the best and you have really helped me pull up and work on my obedience . It was really neat and I have just learned from it, that no matter how unpopular it is to do the right thing, there are so many blessings that come from it!  I have learned I would rather please God then people.

The fleas are biting and the waist is expanding but I am loving the work!

I love you guys!  Thank you for making me the person I am, and for making us read scriptures in the morning!

Love you Heaps!

Sister Vavla


One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. Dear Sister Vavla, I am enjoying every word you write and can’t wait for your next letter. When I joined the church in 1978, little did I realize that years later I would have a Great Granddaughter on a Mission in New Zealand and a Great Grandson who would be returning in 2015 from a Mission in Brazil. The last speaker at the General Conference, Brother Jeffrey Holland said a lot that would apply to your recent letter – I think a lot of the talk answered some of the situations with some of the people you are reaching and they don’t try hard enough because perhaps they feel it won’t help. Heavenly Father keeps loving us and they must remember that! We are all so proud of you – you are doing a wonderful job! Love, Ohio Grandma


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