Christ Like Love


Yes I am still with Sister Inia, we are going to be together for this transfer and she will probably get transferred next transfer. I am excited to stay with her another transfer. I can feel some good things coming. Things have been good in Papakura but we haven’t been able to see a lot of our investigators because we had a baptism last week and we have one this week and another in 2 weeks and so we have been pretty crazy!

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Cheyenne’s baptism was on Friday and man it was a really good baptism!  She was so ready for it, and she will be a strong member. I think a lot about the talk that Elder Nelson gave about how a lot of women will join the church because they will see what it will do for their families. And I can defiantly see that. Wow!  Cheyenne is so amazing, and I am so happy for her.  I had a really neat experience, we went over to Chey’s a few days before her baptism.  She had to stop smoking, so we went over and we sat down with her.  We knew she had, had a smoke because of the guilty look on her face.  It was the craziest thing.  I felt a kind of love for her that I had never felt before.  It was like I was feeling exactly what Jesus Christ felt for her. I saw her not as Chey but as someone Heavenly Father loved and cherished, and I felt a sorrow I have never felt before when we learned she had a smoke and probably wouldn’t qualify for baptism. I haven’t felt the spirit that strong before in a lesson.

I love you guys, and yes I did get to watch conference finally.  I don’t remember a lot because I was trying to help Cheyenne with her kids.  Its been a crazy week but it was neat because I was able to just focus on my investigators, and get answers for them.

Glad everything is going well at home and I love you all!

Sister Vavla

PS:  Sorry this wasn’t super long but there are some crazy boys around me so I can’t focus on what I am trying to say.  12-13 year old boys are crazy!!!


Silent Prayer on the Milk


Thank you for all of that! (response to emails sent to her on why God is our loving Heavenly Father) You know its kind of nice getting all of your advice and stuff like that over email because now I can just print it out and read it over and over when I want to! Thank you for the time you guys put in emailing me it means a lot! Man I drank my first cup of milk this week (hahah).  Don’t worry I apologized to my comp in advance (haha).  Oh and then after that we ate pancakes with ice cream on it, and I didnt have any lactose pills! Its really hard out here because people will just bring us food when we are at their house, especially the Tongans and Samoans, and I can’t turn it down because it is really rude in their culture to do that.  So I just eat it!  Haha all good though.  The miracles is nothing happened!  They put that glass of milk down in front if me, I said a silent prayer, and nothing happened.   It was all good!  My stomach didn’t hurt, nothing.  Man the Lord is good, and my comp thinks so too 😉

Wow this week has been a week of miracles! So many good things happened! So Chey, one of our sets, the one we were having some difficulties with is so pumped for her baptism! She really wants this and you want to know why I know this, not just because she said she wants this but in the actions she has been taking to get to this point!  All the things she has done are little miracles.

  1. She has completely stopped smoking! She had a few puffs on Saturday but besides that she hasn’t had any! And she doesn’t even crave it. She said something that has helped her stop is reading the scriptures
  2. She keeps on coming to church, and she came to General Conference with her two children who are 2 and 2 months old!
  3. We taught her about tithing and fasting and she wanted to do both.  When we were at church she filled out a tithing slip and payed her tithing!  She is a single mom on a benefit!

Its been amazing to see the change that has gone through her, and the desire she has for this. She told us that she wants her children to grow up in the gospel, and wow she has a bright future ahead of her!

I am excited for her, the only thing we need to do is to get her some really strong fellowship.

  1. The very first missionary that she was introduced to is coming back to NZ this week and is going to be able to baptize her, which she is really excited about!

So great things happening for her and so many blessing that will come into her life because of the choice she is making.

We are teaching this little girl Uria and she is Maori/Samoan.  She is the cutest thing!  Her dad is a member but her mom isn’t, and she is getting baptized next week.  It was really neat.  So she was with the Samoan Sisters, but they got transferred out because of some disobedience.  So we had to take her until the new Samoan missionaries come in on Thursday for transfers.  Anyways we went over there and she wasn’t super excited for baptism at all, so we have been trying to help her get that interest back.  She is so keen now!  It was definitely been a blessing!

This whole week has been so good!  Transfers are this week and I am pretty sure Sister Inia and I are staying together.

Oh and I got certified to drive, yup that’s right I am driving on the left side of the road, and man what  a knock on my pride (hahaha).  I have felt like I am learning to drive all over again!  I’ve almost taken out a few mirrors but besides that Sister Inia said I’ve caught on pretty quick.  It’s nice driving again!

Love you all!

Sister Vavla

Transfers in 2 Weeks

Transfers are in 2 weeks, and we have an 8 week transfer this time.  I am pretty sure this is the only time they are doing this, and they have done this.  Makes me wonder why the Lord wanted me out at this time, for an 8 week transfer because I was also the last intake to be in the MTC for 2 weeks, so it will be interesting to see what the Lord has in store for me!

I teach Gospel Doctrine during second hour and I am in Relief Society during third hour. (in response to a question I asked her regarding what a typical Sunday looks like)

Had some cool things happen this week, First we were teaching Pele about the commandments, and after the lesson she asked us “I’m ready to get baptized!” Sister Inia and I just sat there in shock for a few moments trying to comprehend what had just happened (haha) it was sweet as! So we have her set for the 14th of May which is really cool because our mission president challenged us all to have someone set for the 14th of May That was the day that the priesthood was brought back on to the earth in 1829! So that felt good!  We also were contacting former investigators and found this girl Rangi, and she is awesome!  We met her on Thursday, she liked what we had to say, and asked if we were going to come back!  Then on Friday, we told her about a Relief Society activity we were having that night.  She came to that, then she came to the adult session of stake conference Saturday night, and then Stake Conference Sunday morning!  She is so keen! And I can see great things and blessings in her future!  So excited to see where things go with her!

Love the work and love you guys!  I have a question for you guys.  How do you know that God is your loving Heavenly Father?  Email me your answers I want to hear them!


Sister Vavla

Temple This Week

Kia Ora!

So we still have to wait a week to hear conference, and I am so jealous that you already have had the chance to watch it!

We can do what ever we want on P-Days as long as we stay in our area and there isn’t a lot to do in Papakura!  Man this mission has a lot of rules because there has been a lot of disobedient missionaries lately.  We aren’t allowed to hang out with the elders on P-days! We aren’t even allowed to wear shorts outside our flat, or flip flops! Its pretty sad but hey the missionaries are the ones that bring the rules upon themselves. We also aren’t allowed to play sports if there is a sports night thing in our ward, oh and we cant play any music in our car (hahah).  There are a lot of rules and they just started last year in August!  Hey, if we can just be obedient to the new rules then maybe they will change.  I don’t know if they will but oh well!

My mission scripture is Alma 29:9!

“I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy


You guys are the best and I love you guys so much!  This week was awesome!  We were able to go to the temple!  I appreciate it so much more now that I can only go twice a year!  I go and I just try so soak it all in because its going to be a while before I go again!

Its been crazy busy here in Papakura, there is so much work to be done!

7 investigators came to church this week!  Wow that was awesome!  The girl that we were going to drop the baptism date for, she said she still wants to get baptized.  When we went on Saturday she said that she really wanted to go to church and we didn’t even have to ask her!  When we went to go wake her up Sunday morning she had been up until 4 that morning so we thought she wasn’t going to want to go.  No, she got up, got her sons ready, and she came to church.  Granted, we were 40 minutes late but that’s ok because she came!  It was just a really good week and the unity in our companionship is really growing. I just learn more and more from Sister Inia! She cracks me up!  Seriously, Aussies are the bomb!  They are just the best, and I already promised her I would fly down to Aus for her wedding (hahaha).  She has helped me heaps and I hope I am with her for 1 more transfer!

This week I am going to work on being more diligent in my missionary work, I think it is something I could really work on. The definition of diligence is steady, consistent, earnest, and an energetic effort in doing the Lord’s work. Here are some scriptures that go along with it:

Moroni 9:6, D+C 10:4 and D+C 75: 2-5

So a question I have for you guys is how can you be more diligent in your missionary work? I asked myself the same question and I want each of you this week to invite a friend to church and be more diligent in your member missionary work.  I can promise you guys if you do this, you will see blessings in your lives and you will feel so good because you will have played a hand in the Lord’s work.  For Josh and Jared, its good practice for your missions! I hope you can do this and I want to hear back from each and every one of you next Monday telling me you invited someone! If they say no, that’s ok!  Just ask, you never know who will say yes!

Being on a mission has changed my perspective so much and I look at things a lot differently then I did before my mission. Seriously for those of you who are thinking about serving a mission, do it, it is honestly one of the best things you can do, it isn’t easy but it’s really worth it.

Something that we have been focusing a lot on with our investigators is trials.  Here in Papakura, people go through things that are really hard.  Man I thought I went through trials, but what these people have to go through is really difficult.  Lots of people in bad situations, but its really neat to be able to tell them that there is someone who knows exactly what they are going through and feels exactly what they are feeling and that is the Savior.  He knows our struggles our heartaches, our temptations and our suffering. For He willingly experienced them all as an essential part of His atonement.  And because of this, His atonement empowers Him to succor us-to gives us strength to bear all things.  I can testify that he can lift us up when we are weak because he knows exactly how we feel when we have done all we can do.  Get down on your knees and pray to Heavenly Father, and through Christ’s atonement he will strengthen you.  I love reading D+C 122.  It’s a really good chapter to read when we are going through trials.

I love you guys!

Sister Vavla