Transfers in 2 Weeks

Transfers are in 2 weeks, and we have an 8 week transfer this time.  I am pretty sure this is the only time they are doing this, and they have done this.  Makes me wonder why the Lord wanted me out at this time, for an 8 week transfer because I was also the last intake to be in the MTC for 2 weeks, so it will be interesting to see what the Lord has in store for me!

I teach Gospel Doctrine during second hour and I am in Relief Society during third hour. (in response to a question I asked her regarding what a typical Sunday looks like)

Had some cool things happen this week, First we were teaching Pele about the commandments, and after the lesson she asked us “I’m ready to get baptized!” Sister Inia and I just sat there in shock for a few moments trying to comprehend what had just happened (haha) it was sweet as! So we have her set for the 14th of May which is really cool because our mission president challenged us all to have someone set for the 14th of May That was the day that the priesthood was brought back on to the earth in 1829! So that felt good!  We also were contacting former investigators and found this girl Rangi, and she is awesome!  We met her on Thursday, she liked what we had to say, and asked if we were going to come back!  Then on Friday, we told her about a Relief Society activity we were having that night.  She came to that, then she came to the adult session of stake conference Saturday night, and then Stake Conference Sunday morning!  She is so keen! And I can see great things and blessings in her future!  So excited to see where things go with her!

Love the work and love you guys!  I have a question for you guys.  How do you know that God is your loving Heavenly Father?  Email me your answers I want to hear them!


Sister Vavla


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