Silent Prayer on the Milk


Thank you for all of that! (response to emails sent to her on why God is our loving Heavenly Father) You know its kind of nice getting all of your advice and stuff like that over email because now I can just print it out and read it over and over when I want to! Thank you for the time you guys put in emailing me it means a lot! Man I drank my first cup of milk this week (hahah).  Don’t worry I apologized to my comp in advance (haha).  Oh and then after that we ate pancakes with ice cream on it, and I didnt have any lactose pills! Its really hard out here because people will just bring us food when we are at their house, especially the Tongans and Samoans, and I can’t turn it down because it is really rude in their culture to do that.  So I just eat it!  Haha all good though.  The miracles is nothing happened!  They put that glass of milk down in front if me, I said a silent prayer, and nothing happened.   It was all good!  My stomach didn’t hurt, nothing.  Man the Lord is good, and my comp thinks so too 😉

Wow this week has been a week of miracles! So many good things happened! So Chey, one of our sets, the one we were having some difficulties with is so pumped for her baptism! She really wants this and you want to know why I know this, not just because she said she wants this but in the actions she has been taking to get to this point!  All the things she has done are little miracles.

  1. She has completely stopped smoking! She had a few puffs on Saturday but besides that she hasn’t had any! And she doesn’t even crave it. She said something that has helped her stop is reading the scriptures
  2. She keeps on coming to church, and she came to General Conference with her two children who are 2 and 2 months old!
  3. We taught her about tithing and fasting and she wanted to do both.  When we were at church she filled out a tithing slip and payed her tithing!  She is a single mom on a benefit!

Its been amazing to see the change that has gone through her, and the desire she has for this. She told us that she wants her children to grow up in the gospel, and wow she has a bright future ahead of her!

I am excited for her, the only thing we need to do is to get her some really strong fellowship.

  1. The very first missionary that she was introduced to is coming back to NZ this week and is going to be able to baptize her, which she is really excited about!

So great things happening for her and so many blessing that will come into her life because of the choice she is making.

We are teaching this little girl Uria and she is Maori/Samoan.  She is the cutest thing!  Her dad is a member but her mom isn’t, and she is getting baptized next week.  It was really neat.  So she was with the Samoan Sisters, but they got transferred out because of some disobedience.  So we had to take her until the new Samoan missionaries come in on Thursday for transfers.  Anyways we went over there and she wasn’t super excited for baptism at all, so we have been trying to help her get that interest back.  She is so keen now!  It was definitely been a blessing!

This whole week has been so good!  Transfers are this week and I am pretty sure Sister Inia and I are staying together.

Oh and I got certified to drive, yup that’s right I am driving on the left side of the road, and man what  a knock on my pride (hahaha).  I have felt like I am learning to drive all over again!  I’ve almost taken out a few mirrors but besides that Sister Inia said I’ve caught on pretty quick.  It’s nice driving again!

Love you all!

Sister Vavla


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