Christ Like Love


Yes I am still with Sister Inia, we are going to be together for this transfer and she will probably get transferred next transfer. I am excited to stay with her another transfer. I can feel some good things coming. Things have been good in Papakura but we haven’t been able to see a lot of our investigators because we had a baptism last week and we have one this week and another in 2 weeks and so we have been pretty crazy!

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Cheyenne’s baptism was on Friday and man it was a really good baptism!  She was so ready for it, and she will be a strong member. I think a lot about the talk that Elder Nelson gave about how a lot of women will join the church because they will see what it will do for their families. And I can defiantly see that. Wow!  Cheyenne is so amazing, and I am so happy for her.  I had a really neat experience, we went over to Chey’s a few days before her baptism.  She had to stop smoking, so we went over and we sat down with her.  We knew she had, had a smoke because of the guilty look on her face.  It was the craziest thing.  I felt a kind of love for her that I had never felt before.  It was like I was feeling exactly what Jesus Christ felt for her. I saw her not as Chey but as someone Heavenly Father loved and cherished, and I felt a sorrow I have never felt before when we learned she had a smoke and probably wouldn’t qualify for baptism. I haven’t felt the spirit that strong before in a lesson.

I love you guys, and yes I did get to watch conference finally.  I don’t remember a lot because I was trying to help Cheyenne with her kids.  Its been a crazy week but it was neat because I was able to just focus on my investigators, and get answers for them.

Glad everything is going well at home and I love you all!

Sister Vavla

PS:  Sorry this wasn’t super long but there are some crazy boys around me so I can’t focus on what I am trying to say.  12-13 year old boys are crazy!!!


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