Email After Mother’s Day

Oh man it was awesome seeing you guys on Monday! Don’t worry mom it didn’t bother me at all, honestly I have come out here, and especially being comps with Sister Inia, that stuff really doesn’t bother me anymore, I guess I really just don’t care what people think of me anymore :).  I know that honestly it only matters what Heavenly Father thinks and he was the one that blessed me with the lactose problem so I know there is no judgement there 🙂  Same with the room thing, Sister Inia and I are always joking about how bad I am at picking things up, but let me tell you she has changed me.   I don’t leave my stuff all over the place anymore, and let me just say you guys wont even know who I am when I get home, because I am not the same Savannah that got on that plane 3 months ago.

It was a slow week this week Sister Inia was sick so we were at home one full day and the day before we didn’t do much because she wasn’t completely there :). Man my comp loves you guys, straight up, afterwards she was like oh man your family is so cool!  Haha I don’t know why she thinks that 😉 Just kidding….you guys are pretty bomb. THE POOR FOCUS! (the car she was driving before she left had a small accident)   WHAT happened to it!   Man can’t even leave the car for 18 months 🙂

Some interesting things, so I have eaten dog and horse already, the horse is really good, the dog is alright, its better with salt 🙂  I’ve also eaten raw fish and fish eyeballs, I’m just waiting for the cat next 🙂  Just kidding, I don’t think I want to eat cat.

So we do a restoration presentation when there is a baptism.  The Samoan elders asked us to do one at their baptism.  Well it’s a Samoan ward so Sister Inia and I taught the Restoration in Samoan!  It was really nerve racking but we did it and there was a really nice spirit there!  So those were some of my experiences this week.

Pele’s baptism went really well, she was so excited, and she was able to get her less active siblings to give talks.

We had a referral from the Elders this week.  It was a mom, her partner and 4 children.  We went over to their house and she and her family have been prepared to receive the gospel let me tell you!  She was telling us how things have been going a lot better in her family’s life but they want a religion to make it even better.  She was telling us how she wants her children to have values/standards, and she wants to bring them up the right way. Man she is keen as and we are excited to start teaching her. Her partner works all the time so he won’t be there but man they are golden.

I’ve learned a lot this week. I think one of the things I learned, is that we have a bigger effect on people than we might think.   That’s not just missionaries.  We all as members have a greater effect on people than we think we do, and people are watching more than we think they are.  They notice something different about us and they notice how happy we are. I guess a question you can ask yourself is:  What kind of example am I setting as a member of the church? What do people see in me? Do they see a reflection of Christ? Or something else? Am I living my standards everyday or is it church on Sunday, and do what ever throughout the week? When I first came on my mission I thought people just thought we were so weird for going around teaching about the gospel, but what I’ve learned is not everyone does.  It was really neat because this is something one of our investigators told us :

“I love how both of you openly display your faith in god, Jesus Christ, and the church. You’re both extremely passionate, and having parts of my family as members of the church, I respect that. If there were ever anything worth believing, and having faith in, it would definitely be what you both advocate.”

When I heard that I realized something important, there is no need to be ashamed of this gospel.  Yes, there are going to be people that think we are crazy, weird, and a cult with 35 wives, but there are so many more people out there that look up to us and see our example and kind of I guess hope for some of what we have. Mark 8:35-38 says we can’t be ashamed of who we are and who we represent. Be proud of who you are.  I know religion isn’t the in thing right now, but that’s okay, there are so many blessing that come from living the gospel, and doing the right thing. “If ye haven’t chosen the kingdom of God first. It in the end makes no difference what ye have chosen instead.”

So things are going, life’s good, and I am really loving this mission!  One thing I love is learning and that’s all I am doing……all day ever day.

I love you guys!

Sister Vavla


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