Man It’s Cold!

The work has been really slow.  None of our investigators are progressing and we have had to drop a few of them for right now.  This week we are going to try and find some more people to teach. Even though there isn’t a lot going on things are going really well and we have been busy finding out if people are still interested. We found this old list of potential investigators and less active members so we are going through that.

Man its so cold!!!  And when it rains it gets even colder!  Oh funny story my nice brown winter coat I brought out doesn’t fit me anymore 🙂  I’ve gotten too big for it!  I used to be able to fit a jacket inside of it! The members are taking really good care of us out here I can tell you that!

We haven’t gotten very many referrals for the members, working with the members is definitely something we have to work on for sure. Honestly, the one thing I really need help with is just forgetting myself and getting to work. I was reading this talk this morning and it talked about giving your whole heart, might, mind and strength to the Lord and I feel like I’ve given him my might and my strength, but I don’t think I have given Him my whole heart and mind.  That’s something I have really been struggling with.  Just say not my will lord but thine be done.  Honestly, having my will be the fathers will is a hard thing for my mind to wrap around.  I think another thing I have come to realize is for the past 19 years I have been living way below my potential. All my life I have only felt average, and I’ve told myself my whole life that all I am is average. I have come out here though and I have realized that I don’t need to be average.  I can reach my potential, and I need to have way more confidence in myself.  I don’t have enough confidence in myself and what I can do. So those are a few of my personal battles and struggles, but man that’s what I love about this mission.  I am seeing things in myself that I never saw before and I am so grateful for this mission because it is refining me for sure. Man I used to think I was the best and I don’t think I would have seen the things I see now if I hadn’t gone on a mission.

Love you guys!

Sister Vavla


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