Huge Dog Attacks!

Transfers are this week, and we should find out today if Sister Inia and I are staying together or not. There is a good chance she could go because she was my trainer and you usually don’t stay with your trainer longer than 2 transfers. But you never know!

This week was another week of trying to get a hold of people. No one seems to be home or interested, but that’s ok because Sister Inia and I have been thinking about it and we feel really strongly that we need to work more with our ward and the less actives in the ward. There are so many of them! The list goes on and on and on, and so we are trying to go through that. I’ve really learned the importance of home teaching and visiting teaching while I’ve been out here because the one thing recent converts and less actives need is a strong friend in the gospel, someone that will be that example and a little bit of a push. One of the girls that we baptized, Cheyenne, she went up north a few weeks ago and she hasn’t come back yet, so we are getting a little bit worried about that. Hopefully she gets back soon!

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Had a crazy experience this week.  We went to this one house looking for someone who was investigating the church once upon a time, and when we went to the door this HUGE dog came running out of the house in full attack mode and jumped on Sister Inia.  Man I thought she was going to bite her for sure, but the dog didn’t touch her, and then the dog jumped on me.  Same thing….nothing happened.  Well then the owner grabbed the dog, apologized and pulled the dog inside.  Let me tell you I loved dogs before my mission, but the dogs out here they are all trained to just attack everyone because people want to keep their families and things safe. So man the Lord was looking out for us that day…..that dog should have bitten us, but it didn’t.

Papakura Sunset

Let me just say I have learned so much from Sister Inia, and she has really taught me how to have fun on the mission and how people will want to listen more if you just be yourself, not a robot. Here in NZ people are really straight up, and they don’t beat around the bush that’s for sure, so I’ve learned to get a little bit more to the point on things.


I love you guys!

Sister Vavla


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