Happy Father’s Day!

Kia Ora Whanau!

Ok first of all…..Dad I am so sorry I didn’t say happy father’s day (hahah).  Worst daughter award goes to (drum roll please)….me (haha).  I love you dad and I am so grateful for the example that you have set for me.  I am grateful for all that you did to help me, and for the little things you taught me.  How to do math, changing the tire, and replacing the battery in the car.  I am grateful for our Micky D’s late night runs when you would get food, and I would just get a huge cup of water (hahah).  Now I’m the one eating the big macs late at night (haha).  I am grateful for the efforts that you took, and you take to be a better person.  I know we joked all the time about how you would get angry all the time, but one thing I noticed before I left for my mission is how much you were working hard to not get angry and frustrated.  I am so grateful for that, and I hope you are continuing to strive for that because man we the kids really look up to you.  You’re our superman dad (hahaha)!  Sorry that was the most cheesiest thing I have ever said.  That’s what happens when you don’t see your parents for a long time, you get a little cheesy.  I’m really grateful for you dad!

So a little more about my comp.  She is from Tonga, and her name is Sister Ofa.  She joined the church when she was 9 years old.  Her parents go to the Church Of Tonga, and they are not allowed to have Mormons in their homes, so she was kicked out of her house when she was 9.  She started to live with her aunt and uncle.  I asked her how she knew the church was true at 9, and what kept her strong since she was kicked out of her home so young.  She said because she knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  I thought that was pretty neat.  She cracks me up.  Tongans crack me up.  They are a lot of fun to be around and I have had a great time with her.

I feel like my relationship with the members is better now, because we work more.  I feel like we see more of the members which before we didn’t.  It’s been really neat to see how they have been willing to help us missionaries. Something our bishop told us was we will gain a better relationship with the members when we work hard, and are obedient.  If they see that then they will trust you with their friends and family who aren’t members.  Also, make sure to teach them when we go into dinner appointments, principles of the gospel, member missionary work, and to not spend hours at dinner appointments.  Through these things, he told us we will gain the respect and trust of the members.

Some goals I have as a trainer is to think about me comp more then myself.  It has definitely gotten better but it is still something I can work on!  My other goal is to help her work more with the Spirit and have more confidence with her English.  She’s got it, her English is great, but its just helping her build that confidence that she can.  My main goals are to 1) have a little more humility, because man I need a lot of that, and 2) just have more faith. You come out here on a mission, and all your strengths and weaknesses are magnified.  Man, I am seeing that for sure.  I really need to work on my faith in Jesus Christ.  I think if I can do that then things will go a lot smoother, I will teach better with the Spirit, and be guided as to where the Lord needs me to go.  3) I want to stop being average.  Honestly, my whole life I have been living below my potential, and I don’t want to do that anymore.  I want to become what the Lord needs me to be.

So the day and life of a missionary in Papakura,

6:30- wake up and exercise, say prayers (sometimes they turn into sleeping prayers haha)

7:00-Get ready, eat breakfast,

8:00-10- Study, comp and personal studies

10:00- Training

11:00- Go out


1-5 – Appoitments/tracting/ get chased by dogs

5 – Dinner

6-9 – Go out again

I am really craving Kraft Mac & Cheese and Reese’s Peanut Butter.  The stuff here isn’t very good.  I am also craving Goldfish (haha) oh and Oreos!  Man they don’t have mint Oreos or even double stuff!  Oh also bath and body works lotion and perfume!  Man they don’t have that here!

I will definitely email the family.  How are the boys doing, are they getting taller?  How is Olivia?  Man tell Uncle Brad and Aunt Angie and everyone that I love them and miss them!


Love you!

Sister Vavla


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