Crazy Experiences in Papakura


I’ve been doing good!  Things are still a little slow, but that’s ok because it gives us room to find new investigators and well just talk to a lot of people.

Had a few crazy experiences this week.

First there is this less active lady named Sadie.  She called us up and asked us to come over, when we went over she just started crying.  She had gotten wasted the night before, and she is just tired of falling into this cycle of drinking, smoking and getting high.  We were able to sit down, talk to her and read her some scriptures.  It’s crazy how the spirit will just put scriptures in my mind, and I can just be like oh yeah and here is this scripture and oh this scripture.  Definitely couldn’t do that before.  Well anyways, we had a really long talk with her, and then she was like can you help me?  She took us to her room, and pulled out a bunch of beer, alcohol and a bong.  We dumped out all the alcohol and threw out the bong.  Man, I am so grateful that I have the gospel in my life, and have had direction on what is and is not ok.  The cool thing is she came to church the next day, and went and talked to the bishop.

Later, we went to this door, and the first thing this 60 year old man says to us is, “What would it take to get you two in a bikini in this weather?”  I was like mate oi its never going to happen!  Then when he shook our hands goodbye, he kissed Sister Ofa’s hand (hahaha). Man, it was a crack up.  I couldn’t stop laughing all the way down the drive way!  Something new everyday!

Then we were walking down this street and this guy comes running out of his house with an can of beer in his hand, yelling hey, what do you guys do, and in the back of my head I am like oh great here we go (haha).  Luckily, I am pretty sure it was only his first can so he wasn’t drunk yet, but man let me just say the Lord is watching out for us here.  The lord blessed me with a Tongan companion so I feel a lot safer (hahaha).

We have a really keen investigator, her name is Penny and she is the best! Oi she is keen as and she came to church last Sunday, and she pretty much asked us if she could get baptized, it was mean.  She is 19, and man we get along so well.  You know how you are sent out on your mission for certain people that need you, honestly, that’s Penny!  She is the bomb, but the other night she was admitted to the hospital.  We don’t know why, but we have been praying that she will be ok.

My favorite part of the mission so far is just being somewhere completely different than home.  My favorite part is learning, living and experiencing something completely different then what I am used to.

Glad things are going well! Love you all!

Sister Vavla


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