Awesome Week!

Man crazy week! Awesome week!

First Mom, mother in Tongan is fa’e you would say it fa-eh.  You crack me up 🙂 Man things have been crazy, transfers are this week, and I don’t know if I will be staying or going.  I think I will probably stay one more transfer and then leave good ol Kura. Man, I have really grown to love Papakura and the people here.  I love our ward and it almost feels like I am home in that ward.  It’s going to be sad leaving but I am excited to have you meet everyone when you come. Oh that reminds me, so I learned that when you come pick me up you have to pay for my plane ticket home but the Church will reimburse you.

So awesome things happening!  Penny (which is actually spelled Pine) is getting baptized on the 23rd!  Man, she is keen as.  So we met her looking for a former investigator, and she and her cousin were out front smoking.  We started talking, and we all just kind of clicked and got along.  Well we found out no one there had ever had the missionaries over, but she told us that she was just looking around, just kind of checking other religions out.  That’s how we get them aye? (haha)  Anyways, she was like alright come on over, and lets hear what you have to say.  Had a great conversation about the word of wisdom the next time we saw her, and then invited her to church.  It was a good experience, but she had to leave after sacrament.  We taught the Plan of Salvation at a FHE (Family Home Evening), and she really liked that.  Well we didn’t get to see her for a bit and then learned that she went to the hospital.  We waited a few days before we went to go see her again, and when we did she told us that she had tried to commit suicide.  She suffers from depression.  Well she said she was starting to read to help with stuff, and so we were like well would you like a BOM (Book of Mormon) and she was like yes!  She was so excited when we gave it to her!  We testified of how it would strengthen her life and help with the depression.  We also testified that prayer would help too.  Then she was like come in, and we started to teach her about the restoration.  She told us that she had stopped drinking coffee and tea and stopped smoking because she learned it wasn’t right.  We invited her to be baptized and things are going well.  She comes to church, and she told us after sacrament yesterday she already considers herself a member even though she isn’t baptized yet!   We learned about temples in Relief Society, and she told her boyfriend to hurry up and get baptized too so they could get married in the temple!!!  Man, she is solid, and so ready to be a member. It’s amazing how the Lord prepares his people, and he prepared Pine that’s for sure. She is amazing and my comp and I just love her. Man, it’s cool to just see parts of the blessing dad gave me come true.  The church is true.  I am with you on that one mom.

It’s been nice because we went through a pretty big rough patch and its neat to see how the Lord just gives us little things to boost us up and keep on going.

I am loving my time with Sister Ofa, she is just awesome and I have learned so much about Tongans.  You know being out here on my mission in NZ, man, I don’t know if I am going to be able to go to BYU Idaho.  I am honestly considering going to Hawaii now.  There is just a different feel here on an island, and I don’t know it I could go back to Idaho and be around a bunch of white people (hahahah).  So I’m still thinking about it, but I think I might do my generals at BYU Hawaii (haha).

Love you and I will pray for the family….sounds like the boys need it (hahah).

Sister Vavla


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