Pine Baptized!

Kia Ora Whanua

Man, I am so proud of you guys and the missionary work you guys are doing! Makes me happy to hear it, and keep it up the Lord needs you guys!  The missionaries will love you because the best way to find investigators is through the members, and so mom, I would say refer the neighbor to the missionaries!  That’s a perfect opportunity right there!  And man dad cool aye?  That’s neat that you were all able to be there to see it and honestly it really is that easy, the key is following the Spirit.

Man it was a really good week! Pine got baptized! Wow she is amazing honestly. She was so happy and excited, and it was really neat because the baptism was on a day that none of the members or the youth could show up. There was a stake temple trip and the youth were at youth conference.  Well it was neat because there were quite a few members there, and we didn’t think any would show up.  It’s neat how Heavenly Father takes care of even the littlest of things, even if it doesn’t seem like they would be a big deal to Him. And man, when the Lord prepares his people, He prepares his people. She is going to do great things, and she wants to serve a mission!


Man I swear everything I thought wouldn’t happen to me has happened to me (hahah).  So I got lice last week.  Let me tell you I have a pretty strong stomach, but nothing prepares you for a big fat bug taken out of your hair, so gross, but they are gone now.  So all good.

Sorry this is so short I didn’t have any money to pay for more minutes on the computer!

Love you guys!

Sister Vavla


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