Walking…It’s Good For You!


Man finally! so proud of you dad! 🙂 Want to see lots of pictures of the house and man some pics of you guys and the family!  I promise it won’t make me trunky (missionary term for wanting to go home)  I love it too much out here!  Maybe some pictures of Chloe (our dog)? I miss her, does she miss me (hahah)  Was she sad when I left?  I just wonder if dogs notice when people are gone.

It was a really good week this week.  We found some new investigators, and one really good one is Ashley!  She is a mom with twin boys, 6 years old, and a partner.  One of our members, Jen, called us up Saturday morning, and told us she had a friend with a lot of questions.  She wanted a new start, more happiness, and wanted to know more about church.  Well perfect because we have all of those things! (hahah)   We told her that if her friend was free that day we could come over and talk to her.  Her friend said yes, so we planned to meet her at lunch.  We decided to walk over there, because it isn’t very far, and if you had seen my dinner the night before you would have walked too (haha).  I don’t know, just felt like we needed to walk over there.  On our way over there we ran into this older gentlemen, and he told us he used to see the missionaries.  He knew the Book of Mormon was true, and he told us there was too much proof for it not to be!  He believes Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the only reason he stopped seeing the missionaries was because he moved!  So we set up a time to see him again.  We went over to our lesson with Ashley, and taught her the plan of salvation which went really well.  We were able to answer all her questions, and then we invited her to church the next day.  She came!  With her sons!  And they all loved it!  When she asked her sons what they learned at church they were able to tell her.  Man, I love the gospel!  It was awesome, and afterwards, we gave her a Book of Mormon and a Bible.  It was cool too because we were teaching our gospel principles class, and she asked us, “so what if my kids don’t want to come to church, and I do and what if my kids don’t want to get baptized?”  At first I was like oh my goodness I have no idea how to answer that question, and then all of a sudden the Spirit popped into my head.  The parents need to set the example.  It was such a neat moment because I have never felt the Spirit that clearly.  I have never just known so clearly that the spirit was the one that gave me that answer.  It was a really neat experience!  So good stuff happening! Moral of the story…..walking…..it’s good for you!

I honestly love being on a mission, and I am so so grateful to Heavenly Father for this chance to be in New Zealand.  I feel so blessed and I can’t even imagine having to face the rest of my life without a mission.  I don’t think I could do it!  Man, it goes by so fast.  I can’t believe it has already been 6 months!  Man I have a year left!  Time flies by, and I just want to soak it all up while I can!

Our zone leader Elder Butler left today to go home man it was kind of sad seeing him go. He and Elder Johnson are the Elders Sister Ofa and I double cover with.  He came to Papakura same time as me!  He was the bomb hahah


Love you all!  Glad the house is coming together!

Sister Vavla


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