Black Sand Beach

Kia Ora Whanua,

Wow, mean man that really changes the whole look of the house with that tile in there! Can’t wait to see what it looks like with new carpet, paint and baseboards!  Man, its so weird seeing the house (hahah) looks so different than the homes here in New Zealand.

Cool story, we were teaching one of our less actives about tithing, because she is really struggling financially.  We told her the blessings that come from it, and so she called us up one day and asked us to hold her money until Sunday so she wouldn’t feel like spending it. So we went over and talked a bit more of tithing and then she gave us her last bit of money.  She didn’t have anything else until the next pay check, and she has kids.  We told her that tithing is not so much about your money as it is about your faith.  Man, craziest thing, after that we left with her money, and about an hour later she called us up to tell us someone gave her $100!  Man, that really strengthened my testimony on tithing, and having faith in Jesus Christ!

No I haven’t been transferred to the Black Sand Beach.  I wish! (hahah)  I just went there for P-day!  I am still in Papakura and transfers are next week so I will let you guys know what happens!  Good to see some pics, Josh what an ugly dude 😉 Just kidding, he is a good lookin young man.  Man, the pic of Livvy on the floor cracked me up…..what is she up to. Man, Dad don’t ruin your ankles completely because we still have to do some hiking when I get back (after I get back into shape haha and its not hard to walk…shame).  Man, I can’t wait to go to the temple when I get back home! (dont worry not for marriage)  It looks beautiful from pics I have gotten from other people!  It’s getting warmer again, still a little chilly, but its getting better!  Can’t wait for the warmth again.  I can’t stand the cold!  Honestly, when I am creating my own worlds someday I will not be creating a place that’s cold (hahaha).

I love you guys, Ofa atu!

Sister Vavla


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