I am in Taranaki!

Alright probably shouldn’t keep you in suspense anymore.  I am in Taranaki!  In a little town called Hawera!  There is a little branch here, and its almost like being at home except its a little bit bigger than mead and has a bit more!  Oh, and is 10 times more beautiful (hahah jk).  Mead is a different kind of beautiful.  There aren’t heaps of sheep but there are heaps of cows!  We can see the ocean when we are on longer rides!  Man its amazing out here and I am so excited to be out here!  There is a lot of work that needs to be done!

My new comps name is Sister Namariel, and she is from Vanuatu!  Which is somewhere between Tonga and Samoa and Fiji and all that jazz (haha).  She is awesome!  I am very excited to serve with her and to work with her, she is sweet as 😉

Ok, and last thing, I’m the STL for Taranaki.  STL stands for Sister Training Leader.  So I go to meetings, watch over all the sisters here, conduct exchanges, give trainings and other stuff!  I was pretty surprised when President called me, and asked me to do it.  I thought he was going to ask me to train again, but nope (haha).  At first I was really nervous, but something I realized is if I didn’t have a Heavenly Father who loves me, and has got my back I don’t think I would be able to do it.  Since I do I know I can!

Had a cool experience this last week.  I think the Tuesday before I left Papakura, we went to this one girl’s home we were teaching.   Her name was Seini and she is 15 with a 1 year old little boy.  We started teaching her, taught the whole restoration and at the end Sister Ofa and I both felt very prompted to set her for baptism.  We did and she said yes!  It was really cool because the gospel will help her so much in life especially since she has a little son!

One more neat thing yesterday, Sister Namariel and I went up to Patea which is about 20 minutes away from Hawera which is part of our area.  We taught this part member family about the plan of Salvation, and then afterwards we invited the ladies partner who is a member to pray and he did!  Man, sometimes it’s so hard to get people to pray here, and he actually did it (hahah).  It was neat!  When he said the prayer he prayed that they would be able to know if the things we taught were true which was even better (hahah).  So man good things already happening here!

I am loving it out here, I love my new companion and I love the area!  The people here are a bit crazy but hey that’s alright…..keeps things interesting.  One of our less active members thinks the world is flat and the 1st councilor in the bishopric gave me a hug (hahahaha).   Man, there is never a dull moment here!   The one sad thing is there are NO islanders here, I miss the islanders!

Love you heaps!

Sister Vavla


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