Sorry This is Short


Man I can’t wait to go to the temple (Fort Collins Temple) when I get back it looks so beautiful! I didn’t feel it (7.1 magnitude earthquake on September 1), I think I was too tired to wake up (hahah), but we heard about it!

So as the STL (Sister Training Leader), I go up to Hamilton for MLC which is a Missionary Leader Council.  I put together exchanges which means I will go with a sister in my zone and work with her, help her in her area and stuff.  I will also give a training with the Zone Leaders at zone meeting, and just be there for the sisters when they need someone to talk to.  I also just make sure people are obedient (haha), and set an example for other missionaries!  I’m excited, because I am going to be able to work with heaps of missionaries and learn so much!  I think that’s what I am most excited for.

Sorry this is short.  Don’t have a lot of time today!   I want you guys to know I love you guys and I just want you guys to know I love this Gospel.  I Love my Savior and Heavenly Father!

Love you guys!

Sister Vavla


One thought on “Sorry This is Short

  1. Hi Savannah, or should I say “Sister Savannah! It sounds like your mission is getting more and more interesting. We are all amazed that you have now gone over the one year mark. You are doing just great and we are so proud of you. I love hearing about your adventures and it is amazing to know that you are so far away. I haven’t met a missionary yet who was sent so far from home. Before you know it you will be getting ready to go home. What a happy reunion that will be to be back with your family. You will have to adjust your life all over again! Lots of love, Great Grandma Lipton


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